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Shannon & Jeremy!

Shannon & Jeremy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shannon and Jeremy's wedding was beautiful... a wonderful celebration of their love and commitment!  I've been sick since then, but wanted to throw together a quick collage to post.  I left all of the professional wedding photography to the professional photographer, but wanted to capture some of the details and candid shots that I thought he might not capture.  It was a beautiful evening and the beginning of a beautiful life together as Mr. and Mrs. Hatley!  Congratulations Jeremy and Shannon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoyed spending the weekend with Mom!
We shopped around the square in McKinney,
ate lunch at a cute place called Spoons,
then spent the night at her house and went
to a movie the next morning.

Danny and Kevin both gave me beautiful,
sentimental Mother's Day cards, and Danny
came down from Denton to cook shrimp
tacos for dinner and rented a movie for us
to watch together.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where did Winter go???

The pear trees all over town are in bloom, our flowering quince is pink all over, our pansies are wondering what happened to winter, our dandelions are flourishing (of course!) We really wanted at least one snow/ice day home from work and a few more fires in the fireplace, but it looks like Spring has sprung, ready or not.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart Scans

We made a quick trip to OKC for both of us to have heart scans (Andrew's was a follow-up) and also to spend some time with Mike and Margo.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Papa C

Papa C has had another seizure. Dr. Downs said the MRI of his brain on Wednesday showed some small strokes and that could be causing the seizures. His medication will be adjusted. He also needs foot support for both feet, which he may be able to get at the VA hospital. He has been having trouble walking, possibly because of some nerve damage, if I understand correctly.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's New Now?

The holiday busy season is over, the decorations are in the attic, and it's time to take stock and reorganize for the new year. This is when, if I had unlimited funds, I would go to the Container Store and fill up with stuff - yes, I do know how to have a GOOD time!!! I've made a small effort by cleaning out a closet or two and my desk drawers... again, wild & crazy good times. I spent the day with Papa C yesterday, and the three of us had lunch at the Tea Room in Mabank - I even splurged on their chicken salad, which is worth every minute I'll now have to repent on my elliptical trainer. Made a big pot of pasta fagiole for Murr C & Papa C and one for home. Looking forward to watching some football this weekend - it's Tebow time, although it will probably be Brady time when the game's over. Jackie and I have somehow managed to find time in our schedules to get together today - looking forward to it! Watched an old movie last night, on Kevin and Rachel's recommendation - Rear Window, with Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. It's worth watching even if only to admire the clothes that Grace Kelly wears, and the camera lens that the main character (a photographer) wields! I finally finished the digital scrapbook that I made of our trip to France in 2004 - yes, it only took me 7 years to do! It finally bubbled up to the top of the To Do list! Now I am eagerly awaiting its arrival from Snapfish. Gong Gong, Pop Pop and I are going to Austin next weekend - Kevin and Pop Pop are going to a UT basketball game! Andrew is staying very, very busy with his hobby/business, and I am so happy for him that after so many years of being a great, hands-on Dad - going to countless soccer games and motorcycle events, that he now finally has the time to spend with his beloved tools and garage! We are going to Oklahoma City to visit Mike & Margo the next weekend. Now, it's time to put on my workout clothes and try to work off that chicken salad!

Friday, October 21, 2011

What's New?

The Rangers will be World Champions! (crossing fingers)

Andrew and I had a wonderful time in San Francisco and Mill Valley! Andrew agreed he needed a restful, relaxing vacation..... so he pedaled a rented bike across the Golden Gate Bridge (not everyone's idea of R&R). We did lots of sightseeing in San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sausalito. Andrew was surprised at how much it resembled Colorado, where we love to vacation, especially north of San Francisco, with pine trees and lots of hills! No surfing and bikinis, but lots of beautiful scenery and amazing things to do.

It's finally getting cooler here! Happy Dance! Love it, love it...

Murr C is headed to a high school reunion this weekend with her lifelong best friend.

Shannon and I are working on her wedding "Save the Dates" on Sunday.... fun!!!

Gong Gong and Pop Pop are headed back from Carlsbad, California where they found a rental condo for next July!

Danny is working hard at UNT and his job!

Kevin was nominated by the Austin Advertising Federation as Best Media Buyer at the Austin Ad Fed's Big Wigs Award Show!

I just realized that I have started using exclamation marks at the end of all my sentences, a habit I've acquired since working at Bradbury Lane, I think...